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Berean Christian High School

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

Berean Christian offers two tuition discount programs to qualifying families of full time students only (enrolled in 5 or more on-campus classes), both of which require completion of an application. The financial assistance/discount application process is separate from and independent of the application for admissions--completion of an application for financial assistance/discount is not an application for enrollment, and admissions decisions are not affected by a family's applying for financial aid. The award types are as follows:
  • TUITION ASSISTANCE (TA) – awarded solely on the basis of financial need. Main criteria considered include income, family size, and number of students enrolled at Berean Christian concurrently. Aid amounts and percentages are determined at the discretion of the Berean Christian Finance Committee and, since funds are limited, can vary from year to year depending upon the number of qualifying applicants sharing the funds available. For detailed instructions, please review the PDF document found at bottom of this page.
  • CHRISTIAN MINISTRY DISCOUNT (CMD) – granted upon application to families with a parent employed full-time for pay in selected Christian ministries. Award levels may vary by household income level and ministry position. Some CMD awards do not require income verification in which case the CMD application is simply attestation from ministry employer of applicant's employment status. However, awards for some ministry positions and/or for higher award levels require income verification; for these awards both completion of a Tuition Assistance application AND employer attestation letter is required. Please review detailed instructions found in the PDF documents at bottom of this page.
For both of these programs, any assistance granted DOES NOT carry forward from year to year, in neither percentage nor amount. Families with continuing need must reapply annually to determine financial aid and/or ministry discount eligibility.
Tuition Assistance and income-based CMD applications are not evaluated unless they include a copy of completed federal tax return from the prior calendar year (among other items). E.g., applicants for '17-'18 income-based awards must supply a copy of their 2016 federal tax return and 2016 W-2s. Therefore, potential applicants are advised to file their 2016 taxes as early in 2017 as possible.

All potential applicants to either type of award should thoroughly review Berean Christian's Tuition Assistance Application Instructions & Guidelines (below) for important information about qualifying criteria, application deadlines, and specific application instructions. CMD applicants must also review the CMD Application Instructions & Guidelines document found below.

Berean Christian uses an independent 3rd-party (Smart Aid) to collect all income-based aid applications and supporting documents, and to provide objective data analysis to Berean Christian’s Finance Committee. However, all final tuition aid decisions, including determination and notifications of award amounts (if any) continue to be made by the Berean Christian Finance Committee. The income-based aid application requires a fee paid directly to Smart Aid Once the aid application cycle opens in January and you have reviewed the most current Instructions & Guidelines (below), you may begin your application (link to be provided on this page by January 23, 2017). Please be mindful to apply for assistance in the correct school year AND for the correct school, Berean Christian High School of Walnut Creek, CA with school code of 12600. Click here to go to
Families inquiring about assistance availability for the current on-going school year should email the Accounting Manager.