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Curriculum & Courses

In order for education to be complete, it must be based on a standard of Truth. Berean Christian High School takes the Bible as the standard for its educational program. A nurturing staff who focuses on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual development of each child accomplishes the school's mission of developing lifetime followers of Christ.

Berean Christian High School maintains a college preparatory curriculum. Virtually 100 percent of graduates matriculate to either two-year or four-year colleges or universities. The curriculum includes Advanced Placement, Honors, and Academic courses. All students must be enrolled in at least five courses daily, four of which must be from the academic disciplines of mathematics, science, English, social studies, computer science or foreign language.

Curricular Distinctive
Berean Christian High School teaches all disciplines with a commitment to direct students to the truth. We believe all truth is God's truth and all our instruction centers on this belief. Bible classes cover Old and New Testament history, foundations of the faith, Christian apologetics, Ethics and Missions. BCHS is committed to providing state-of-the-art educational technology tools for teachers and students.

Berean Christian High School seeks, through the core curriculum, electives and extracurricular activities, to put students in a position of having the broadest possible range of choices when it comes time to apply to colleges. Bible classes are an essential part of the curriculum and they are taught from a distinctively Christian viewpoint. It is our objective to encourage students to look at life with an eternal perspective.


Letter Grade – Numerical Range – Regular Courses – Honors/AP Courses        

         A –                 90 - 100                      4.0                             5.0

         B –                 80 - 89                        3.0                             4.0

         C –                 70 -79                         2.0                             3.0

         D –                 60 -69                         1.0                             1.0

         F –                 Below 60                     0.0                             0.0

Grade Point Average Computation

The GPA is determined by adding the equivalent Grade Point Average and dividing the total by the number of semester credits. Please note the following:
GPA is computed on all subjects taken at BCHS, in grades 9 through 12, except Teacher's Aide. AP denotes Advanced Placement course; H denotes Honors course. Semester grades in all AP and Honors classes are weighted.



The Bible Department seeks to instruct students in the historic Christian faith: imparting students with a greater knowledge of the Bible, equipping them to defend and model the Christian faith, and seeking to disciple them to grow in wisdom and a Godly spiritual walk. Our purpose is to preserve, transform, and escalate our sphere of Godly influence using the message of Jesus Christ to develop meaningful personal relationships with our triune God.


An essential part of "developing the Christian leaders of tomorrow" is modeling and fostering within students the skills of clear and effective communication. Therefore, the English Department strives to develop Christian communicators who are able to use their skills in speaking, reading, and writing, and in comprehension, analysis, and critical thinking. As God is the creator of all language, and as He is the Word made flesh, students will approach their study of literature and language through a biblical lens, recognizing God as the origin. Language skills enable students to not only to be successful in college and in their professional lives, but also in sharing their faith with others. Ultimately, the combination of what students read, write, question, and consider will contribute to the development and articulation of a Christian worldview.

History & Social Science

A Christian philosophy of the social sciences believes God has always existed and His creation of this world marked the beginning of human history. Furthermore, the biblical perspective strongly suggests that God exercises an ongoing role in the affairs of earth and the universe. The study therefore of the social sciences includes a search for explanations concerning the origins, purpose and destiny of the universe and earth's people as determined by God. The study of social sciences should be aimed at equipping students to be involved and informed citizens, good stewards of God's gifts, and to be concerned with the circumstances and ultimate course of the entire world. Students should be able to critically evaluate, analyze and make judgments of the past and current political, social and economic events in light of the Scriptures.


The Mathematics Department recognizes that mathematics reflects the infinite and orderly nature of God such as rationality, consistency, and accuracy. The goal for the student is to know God, imitate Him and know that everything exists because of Him. The Mathematics Department wants all students to have a solid foundation in mathematics so that as God reveals His will for their lives they will be equipped to pursue that path.

Foreign Languages

The Languages Department views language study as more than a gateway to greater job opportunities and personal fulfillment; it is also an opportunity for students to consider the challenge of making the Great Commission in God's Word a life goal as students respond to the need for spreading Christ's love to people of other cultures as well as their own. The primary goal of the Languages Department is to assist students in developing oral proficiency in the target language. Listening, reading, and writing are also integral components of the complete language program, and heavy exposure to the four language skills is generally considered an effective means to oral proficiency.

School Service

Students enrolled as aides/assistants can earn a grade each semester they are enrolled. There are two categories of aides: those who are assigned to a specific teacher to help make bulletin boards, etc., and those who assist the administrative office staff. Credit can be given for each semester served. A maximum of four semester credits earned in this capacity may be counted toward the graduation requirement. A grade is recorded on the student's report card and transcript, but is not figured into the grade point average.

Physical Education

Physical Education focuses on the total person (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Participation and enjoyment should lead to a life long desire for health and fitness. P.E. is a microcosm of life, where activity and competition bring about interaction, teamwork, conflict resolution and self-control. It is our desire to instill discipline, fair play and hard work as students are challenged in word and deed to do their best, despite their ability, to the glory of God.


The mission of the Science Department is to teach God is the author of truth concerning His Creation. The department seeks to instill an appreciation for what has been discovered and a passion to probe for a deeper understanding of God's creation. Understanding that the scientific method limits itself to natural explanations for natural phenomena, students will be able to discern between facts and assumptions. The department will equip students with solid biblical and scientific foundations so they are capable of engaging in an intelligent and logical dialogue about the moral and ethical questions that arise with each new scientific discovery as they meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Practical Arts

The Practical Arts/Technology Department strives to equip students with cutting edge tools to be used as vehicles for expression, evaluation, and dissemination of the truth as found in God's Word.

Fine and Performing Arts

Viewing the world from an artistic perspective, the Fine and Performing Arts Department acknowledges God as the Author of creativity. They strive to encourage students to realize, and then utilize, their God-given artistic talents in music, art and drama beyond knowledge and mastery of their given disciplines, building artistic discernment. This discernment should come from and be guided by their lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.