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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
  • Bible 40 Units
  • English 40 Units (1)
  • Mathematics 20 Units (2)
  • Science 20 Units
  • Social Studies 30 Units
  • Physical Education 20 Units
  • Electives 70 Units
  • Total 240 Units (3)
  • (1) Colleges recommend 40 and require 30
  • (2) Colleges recommend 40
  • (3) Ten units of Visual and Performing Arts will be required; Electives will be 70 for a total of 240 units.
Colleges and universities have specific admission requirements. If you have plans to attend a specific college or university after high school, you will need to carefully consider which courses you must take every year in order to fulfill that school's admission requirements. See below for the CSUs and UCs "a-g" Subject Requirements.

Academic Achievement
At graduation, based on all courses, grades 9-12, the student with the highest GPA will be named valedictorian. The student who has achieved the second highest overall GPA will be recognized as salutatorian.

California Scholarship Federation (CSF)
CSF is an organization that recognizes high academic achievers. Students may be eligible for monetary scholarships as well as other awards upon graduation. To apply, the student must fill out an application during the first four weeks of a semester and submit along with a copy of their report card or transcript. If the student qualifies, according to the point system, he/she will become a member of CSF for that semester. LIFE MEMBERS are students who qualify for at least four semesters during their sophomore through senior years, with at least one semester in their senior year. For more information, go to www.csf-cjsf.org